Dryanovo Monastery & Etara

Our tour starts from  Ruse and goes south to the Balkan Mountain. Depart for Dryanovo monastery “Sveti Arhangel Mihail” - situated in the picturesque gorge of Dryanovo River.

The monastery was founded in the 12th century and gradually became centre of the Hesychasm. During the Ottoman slavery the monastery was conflagrated twice and it was built at its present place in the 17th century.

The history of this captivating holy site is closely connected with the National Liberation Movement.

The monastery was one of the headquarters of the Veliko Tarnovo revolutionary committee.

Our tour continues with a visit of Open Air Ethnographic Museum "Etar" is the first one of this type in Bulgaria.

It consist 10 objects and its one of the most richest and well kept active technical collection around the European museums in the open air. This is the reason the water wheel is the emblem of Etar. The most important specialty to the collection is that all objects are in action as it was it the past. The craftsman trade street offers 16 models to the Balkan architecture, showing the original talant to Revival builders.

You  will have free time to buy small hand made souvenirs.


Transfer back to Ruse.

Duration of the tour: 8h